Friday, December 31, 2010

love horoscopes for sagittarius

You're barely thinking about your love life this week, but you're thinking about your friends a lot, and you love your friends. Not as much as they love you though! Monday through Wednesday, they practically throw a parade in your honor -- expect excitement, cheering, confetti, laughter and more. Don't be afraid to duck away when you realize you can't hear yourself think. Thursday and Friday are blissfully slow, but your imagination is going a million miles an hour. This weekend, if you're single, keep your eye out for a shy cutie standing in a corner somewhere. Sagittarius Lucky Horoscopes | Recipes for Sagittarius

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Astrology is a science based on a whole of principles to analyze our history, our present and defined to envisage our future. Astrology can help us to contain/understand the personality, as well as personalities of our family, friends, colleagues and even joint buddy/girlfriend.

Astrology divides the year into 12 equal parts, called the zodiac, or signs, which originally corresponded to 12 constellations lying in a great belt around the heavens.

Descriptive names, mostly of animals, assigned to various constellations and theoretical symbols are devised to fit these names. The position of the sun in one of these 12 constellations at the moment of birth determines an individual's sun sign.

A horoscope pieces usually the moment of the birth and it is used by the astrologers to analyze the character, like - in connection with other astrological data - predicting the future in 2011. An astrologer can examine any horoscope 2011 and prescribed the Astros remedies, they help us to find right balance and to lead to the harmony in the life.

What's in the stars for you in 2011? has details on everything from your career prospects to your amorous adventures to the general trends of your life! Whether you want to know what's going to happen with your romance, your career or your life in general, we have general forecasts for the year ahead. Select your Sun sign (or Ascendant sign) from the list below for your 2010 Horoscope.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love horoscope for taurus romantic and social connections are likely at a this time. Sometimes you just know it's right and jump in without hesitation, someone caught your attention perhaps? The general feeling all around is that your plan is the best one, so take advantage and move as far as you can. You need a JavaScript enabled browser to view your horoscope.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Toady Aries Love Horoscope

Today's Aries Love Horoscope

The state of your one-to-one affairs is being determined by your own attitudes and personality, for partners will reflect your own virtues or vices. If you're always negative then you can expect a dose of your own medicine in all your relationships.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily Horoscopes

Family members may suffer anxious if you make promises you don't deliver. Go after your goals. You are best to shift quickly and to get in good with the boss.


You may have a problem at work with a female coworker. Protect your interests legally if necessary. Job changes are in order. Go for interviews or send out resumes.


Power will come from your ability to overtake just about any one. Be careful what you consume today. You must be sure not to be perky, because as the saying goes, easy come, easy go.


Your ability to talk circles around your colleagues will help you fake ahead in the workforce. Sudden changes at home will affect family members more than you expected. You will be looking for creative ways to make a little extra cash.


You can argue your intentions and ideas with your colleagues or friends today. Luck is with you. You will need to finalize important deals today.


Be ready to explain your actions. You can complete a lot if you deal with other people's money or possessions today. You can captivate anyone you meet with your cultured attitude and outlook.


You may get some opposition. Personal changes will be to your advantage. Don't say something you'll live to feel sorry. Someone you work with may be withholding valuable information.


You can enhance your reputation by making contributions to worthwhile causes. Intellectual stimulation is what you are looking for. Travel will enhance romance and adventure.


Don't let situations get out of hand. Make any necessary changes to your insurance policy. Hobbies will be good for your emotional well being.


Things will be emotional with your mate. Deception may cause arguments you can do without. Don't get talked into get rich quick schemes.


You can learn a great deal more if you listen rather than rant and rave. Your emotional life may be up in the air if your mate has been going through a transform of heart. Traffic will be busier than you anticipated, so try to get a head start if you have made plans to travel.


The advice you get today may be based on false information. Romantic encounters will be full of excitement. Try spending the day catching up on any responsibilities that need to be taken care of.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Quotes

"Mankind is a great, an immense family... This is proved by what we feel in our hearts at Christmas."

"It is the day when we remind ourselves that man can and must live in peace with his neighbors and that it is the peacemakers who are truly blessed."

"Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first. The birth of the baby Jesus stands as the most significant event in all history, because it has meant the pouring into a sick world of the healing medicine of love which has transformed all manner of hearts for almost two thousand years... Underneath all the bulging bundles is this beating Christmas heart."

"Christmas means so much because of one special child" and that many "of us believe in the divinity of the child born in Bethlehem, that he was and is the promised Prince of Peace."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year traditions of Christians

New Year traditions create a sense of responsibility and also tie an emotional link of togetherness, belief and faith. New Year traditions are being followed with huge devotion and joy by the people of Christian community. Tradition of New Year Baby is used as a symbol of rebirth by many Christians. Image of a baby with New Year's poster is displayed at many houses.

New Year festivities are unfinished without singing the traditional Auld Lang Syne song. It means 'the good old days'. People sing this song altogether on the New Year's Eve. Traditionally, it is thought one's fate is determined according to the type of food consumed on the first day of the year. People prepare positive meals and celebrate the New Year by eating black-eyed peas. Similar to this, the tradition of first-footing is also practiced very seriously by Christians. The visitor should be a tall and dark-haired man.

One tradition of the season is the making of New Year's resolutions. Many people keep New Year resolutions in the coming year. They even promise to get their desires fulfilled. Modern New Year resolutions are the promise to lose weight or quit smoking and many more.

Another famous tradition of New Year Parades is attended with enthusiasm by people of all age groups. These parades are preceded by the football game which is the main attraction of the festival. Last but not the least, New Year traditions also include the bursting of crackers and other fireworks to scare off the evil spirits and bring in good luck.

Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Horoscope

2011 horoscope for Aries: People born under the zodiac Aries can face some challenges in career during the first half of the year. However, you will trounce all the difficulties. Family life will be wonderful. Persons who are in a romantic relationship may get married this year. Financially you can settle secured.

2011 horoscope for Taurus: Taurus people will have a wonderful life during the year. Some of you may even get an unexpected promotion. Family life will be melodious. Friends will be sympathetic all through the year. Financial problems, if there will, be solved at the end of the year. However, some health related problems may crop up during the last half of the year. So be suspicious about your health.

2011 horoscope for Gemini: This is a normal year for the Gemini people. No development in career will crop up. Financially you will be secured; however you can hardly go for any extra savings for some extra spending. In the middle of the year you may endure from any major health related problems. So taking care of your health is a must for you. Get in touch by means of your family physician.

2011 horoscope for Cancer: Taurus people will have a wonderful life during the year. Some of you may even get an unexpected promotion. Family life will be melodious. Friends will be sympathetic all through the year. Financial problems, if there will, be solved at the end of the year. However, some health related problems may crop up during the last half of the year. So be suspicious about your health.

2011 horoscope for Leo: 2011 is a good year for the Leos. You can maintain a healthy family life all across the year. If you are having any romantic relationships then this year you may get married. You will also be financially secured. Some of you may get promotion. The middle of the year will be wonderful.

2011 horoscope for Virgo: This is an average year for the Virgo people. However this year you will be financially secured. Family life will remain good and healthy. A minor health problem may occur in the beginning of the year. You won't have any major development in your career or jobs. No extra profit from the business will come. However, people who have the printing business may do better.

2011 horoscope for Libra: Libra people will experience a magnificent year all the way. You can maintain a vigorous relationship with your family members as well as with your friends. In Offices also you will get ropes from your colleagues and authorities. Travel is in the air. You can go for a short trip with your friends or family members. However, some financial crisis may occur at the middle of the month owed to some huge expenditure.

2011 horoscope for Scorpio: This is a usual year for the Scorpio people. However in the beginning of the year, you can face a few health problems though it can be manageable. Some problems in the family may occur. Try to be candid to your partner or else some misunderstandings may happen. Financially you will be secured all through the year.

2011 horoscope for Sagittarius: 2011 is a good year for the Sagittarius people. Some of you can even tie the wedding knot this year. Romantically, this year will be a wonderful one. However, some financial problem may arise this year. Friends will be very supportive all the way around. Some may experience a development in career. Travel is also in the air.

2011 horoscope for Capricorn: This is a usual year for the Capricorn people. Though financial security will be there, however, at the same time no career development will happen. You may face some problems in your family also. Relationships will also face a little challenge. Keep patience or else it will be worse. However you will be healthy and fit all through the year.

2011 horoscope for Aquarius: Aquarius people will have an incredible life throughout the year. Some of you can even get an encouragement. Family life will be healthy. Friends will be caring and trustworthy all through the year. Financial problems will be solved without giving much effort. However, some health related problems may take place at the middle of the year. So be suspicious about your health.

2011 horoscope for Pisces: 2011 is a good year for the Pisces. You can preserve a healthy family life all through the year. However, a financial problem may arise in the commencement of the year. If you are having any romantic relationship then this year you may secure the wedding knot. Some of you may get endorsement. End of the year will be magnificent.

Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 Horoscope Destiny

Forecaster Year Trends

Life, in common with the planets, moves in cycles and knowing when those cycles start and end is invaluable, a Predictor statement provides precise timing of events, opening doors of opportunity and understanding.

Life Destiny
A Life Destiny report will help you better understand the way to take in life and where you are likely to do well by helping you identify your real talents, creative skills and financial ability.

Spirit Guide 12 Months
Find the most appropriate times for you to act and find out the most important and significant terrestrial events that will have a lasting effect on your development.

Soul Range
Your in depth psychology is made far easier to understand, detailing attraction and personality, self assertiveness and sexual drive and much more.

Intimate Lover
Describes the way you behave towards a lover, exactly what you want from a partner, find most exciting and important about making love.

Lovers Guide
Each Lovers Guide not only describes you as a lover but also lets you know the best days to make yourself available for that important date during the approaching year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Horoscopes

Aries Boring Saturn is quoting Christina Aguilera lyrics to you this month: "My head is saying no, but my body's saying let's go!" Suffice to say, a love affair begun this month will be very enjoyable for a few days, but it would be imprudent to look forward to or want it to last any longer.

Taurus You are likely to feel like a wall-flower at social gatherings this month. However - the Full Moon on the 20th will signify an end to your social awkwardness - so get out and festivity!

Gemini Now is a good time to clear out any emotional cases you have been holding on to - you will feel better for it.

Cancer A hot and sexy time for you this month, Cancer! Almost as raunchy as your fellow water sign Scorpio, but more romantic. Enjoy!

Leo Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Hypocritical people will be playing with your heart: meanwhile, don't let other people intent on having a good time hold you back from enjoying yourself. Tensions will noticeably simplicity towards the end of the month.

Virgo Trouble-makers will try pulling your heart in a direction you don't want it to go! Make your lover work to prove they earn you.

Libra Dignified Saturn is telling you that this is most definitely a time for getting rid of bad things and getting yourself out of bad situations. Expend this month taking a good look at everything that is preventing you from achieving more success in your love-life and give it the heave-ho! This goes especially for dead-end relationships - dump that loser!

Scorpio As it's your birthday this month, many happy returns! The combined effects of the Sun with romantic Venus and communicative Mercury cause much happiness in your relationships and the uncanny ability to say the right thing to achieve your objectives. If you are a late Scorpio, you can expect the power of Mars your ruling planet to involve you in a red hot love-affair. Phew!

Sagittarius The first suggestion of new happiness in love will appear like a delicate flower in spring.

Capricorn Pluto, the planet of unstable transformation means that this month you will experience intense, grand emotions: but if you can ride the tiger it will prove to be a fundamental new beginning in your relationships!

Aquarius Neptune makes you feel dreamy and romantic this month: just be careful of taking things at face value. Don't be afraid of facing new social situations - great success in your love-life can be yours if you rise to the challenges that this month brings.

Pisces Retrograde Jupiter is quoting Shakespeare to you this month: "To thine own self be true, and then thou shalt be false to no man." Avoid phoniness yourself, and beware of it in others. On the plus side however, if you manage to do this you will have a generally enjoyable time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Numerology Meanings

Numerology Meanings From 0 TO 9

Numerology Chart1 - This person is self-governing, a leader, has a pioneering spirit, full of energy, and has a passion for art. A person with this number can manifest very easily. They only need to focal point on what they want and they can achieve it.

2 - Two symbolizes accord, relationships, co- operation, being considerate and thoughtful of others. A person with this number likes change and travel, has a high imagination and a dreamy nature.

3 - Three represents innovative expression, playfulness, message, and being hardworking. This person likes to be number one and in the spotlight. If your life path number is 3 some careers you would do well at are acting, and advertising.

4 - A person with a 4 in their chart is someone who is serious, hardworking, logical, and can be rebellious. 4 is the builder number.

5 - Five represents change, freedom, being interested in the occult, having a fidgety nature, and being on the go. A person with a lot of 5's in their chart will want to be their own boss. This person will not enjoy working a 9 t 5 job where they have to report to someone else each day. They have a free spirit and need to have variety in their day.

6 - If you have a six in your chart you are fostering, family oriented, loving, warm, and interested in music, dance, and pleasing others. One job you would love is being a stay at home mom.

7 - Seven represents spiritual focus, analysis, being unique, independent; If you have this number people often feel like they don't know you; you are a mystery.

8 - Eight represents authority, material wealth, ambition, care. A person with the number 8 in their chart will work diligently to achieve goals. This person would make a good business manager and leader.

9 -
Numerology Meanings for nine: 9 symbolize endings, spiritual awareness. An individual with a Life Path number 9 can overcome a lot and often have to in their life. If you have a Life Path Number 9 you most likely had a difficult relationship with one or both of your parents early in your life.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yoga For Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a physical as well as mental experience. Women often become overexcited alert of all the changes their bodies are going through. Yoga allows pregnant women to become accustomed to these changes more gracefully and to feel proud and a sense of appreciation for their bodies. Yoga exercises can increase flexibility, power, circulation and balance. Many pregnant women find that regular yoga exercises help to lessen swelling, back and leg pain, and insomnia.

However, Yoga must be practiced very carefully among pregnant women, as rude exercises will bring negative effect on both moms and babies. Here are some tips for pre-natal pregnancy Yoga practice:

The general yoga exercises are suggested for the first 2 months. You must consult your doctor and find very experienced Yoga teachers. With proper guidance, you can practice some yoga right into work. If you new to yoga then you should start slowly.

Breathing exercises are beneficial if done twice a day. The breathing exercises provide more oxygen and energy both to the mother and the child.

Some yoga poses that can help a pregnant women dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy, ensuring smoother and easier delivery. Pregnant women should pay attention not to exceed your limit the body - the ligaments around the joints become loose and soft during pregnancy.
The abdomen should stay relaxed at all times. Difficult and poses that put pressure on the abdomen and other should NOT be done during advance stages of Pregnancy. No any kind of pain or nausea should be felt during and/or after yoga. If this happens, you should stop yoga practice and contact your GP.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

weekly horoscope for leo

Okay, you showstopper, it’s time to wind down to the last act. You’ve had a good run of being the center of attention with Mars in your dramatic fifth house for the past six weeks. On Wednesday, the go-getter planet moves on to Capricorn, giving you the sign to take a rest. Heed your body’s need for innovation—you don’t want to be hospitalized for collapse like Mariah Carey, do you? Now, Mars is urging you to simplify, organize, and prioritize efficiency. Have your holiday plans become a bit too over-the-top? If you feel like a professional event planner on overdrive, it’s time to start delegating responsibility to other family members and friends involved in the plan. Let Cousin Maggie handle the giant swan-shaped ice statuette centerpiece…or better yet, scrap that idea and scale back. The best things in life are the ones that are free, like heartwarming conversations with the ones you love. Since this Mars phase can exaggerate your stress on a physical level, you definitely need to let go for the sake of your own well-being. Funnel some of your energy into a household cleanup project. You have more to donate to that holiday clothing drive than you may realize. Lightening up the energy in your personal space lifts a giant weight off your psyche. On Friday, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, never a good time for buying computer equipment.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Today Horoscope

Aries : You will soon be able to afford something you've wanted, but you have to change your thinking, acting as though you already have it.

Taurus : Doing nothing is a big risk. Not only could you lose out on a good opportunity, but you could be passed over for future opportunities.

Gemini : You'll get your wish after you command it in just the way that pleases the dispenser of wishes. Keep asking and you'll find out who that is.

Cancer : When you pour your creative energy into a project, you infuse it with magic strength. Your attention has power.

Leo : A strain on a relationship will go away. There is nothing to discuss — just move on in love. Fill yourself with fun, humor and good will.

Virgo : Money isn't everything. Stay focused on doing what feels right, and the funding comes when you need it.

Libra : Things are happening in your career realm. Continue to put your feelers out there, and you will find just the opportunity you need.

Scorpio : Your understanding about what it will take to get a project started is limited, but this will work in your favor. What you don't know about, you can't worry about.

Sagittarius : Instead of paying someone to make you be seen in a good light, work on feeling better about who you are and what you can offer.

Capricorn : Someone you love needs a gentle reminder. If you let yourself get angry, you could diminish what you have with this person.

Aquarius : You are savvy and strong. You will find a shortcut to getting your work out into the world, or you'll find a way to get around a cost.

Pisces : There are still those who confuse fake news with real news and who have a hard time determining reality from a ruse or a joke. You'll help these people out.

Today's birthday : You accept yourself to a greater degree and it makes it easier to change what you want to change about yourself. In the new year, you train for better health and fitness. Finances improve in December, March. There's a personal breakthrough in June. Taurus, Gemini people adore you. Your lucky numbers: 40, 2, 11, 49 and 18.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Horoscope Compatibility

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo And Virgo

Virgo + Virgo

Earth + Earth = Solid Ground

This combination will probably be an incredible challenge for the two of you, right from the start. It won’t work unless you and your star twin realize that rightness isn’t possible and start making allowances for each other.

The major lesson for your partnership is to enjoy the journey of life and take as much happiness as you can in everything you experience. If your standards are so high that neither of you can achieve them, your lives will be a gloom, so try not to be too critical of each other.

If you let go of this, your two minds together will make a pretty powerful force — focus on enjoying your work and on reaching the goals you’ve set together. Both of you enjoy and take satisfaction in doing skillful and excellent work, so you should achieve a lot.

While you have a propensity to demand a lot of each other, you also have a lot in common. You both enjoy a clean and ordered environment, and you both love knuckling down to work on your goals, individual and shared.

You’re good at encouraging and helping each other, too, and you take actual pleasure in each other’s successes, which is less than common these days. Basically, this relationship is one that is not selfish.

In the bedroom, you’ll find that you have a similar approach to expressing your love. If you both throw out all the mind games, your love life can be extremely sweet and fulfilling.

There could be a more severe tone in a relationship with those born between 3 September and 12 September. They are influenced by Saturn and Capricorn, which means they have an fascination with material things — acquiring expensive items seems to increase their sense of self-worth. This pressure could stunt their inner happiness.

A relationship with a Virgo born between 13 September and 22 September will be a satisfying experience. Because Taurus and Venus have a hand in their fate, they are well suited to you. Their softer, more stabilizing influence can bring you lots of good times together.