Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Horoscopes

Aries Boring Saturn is quoting Christina Aguilera lyrics to you this month: "My head is saying no, but my body's saying let's go!" Suffice to say, a love affair begun this month will be very enjoyable for a few days, but it would be imprudent to look forward to or want it to last any longer.

Taurus You are likely to feel like a wall-flower at social gatherings this month. However - the Full Moon on the 20th will signify an end to your social awkwardness - so get out and festivity!

Gemini Now is a good time to clear out any emotional cases you have been holding on to - you will feel better for it.

Cancer A hot and sexy time for you this month, Cancer! Almost as raunchy as your fellow water sign Scorpio, but more romantic. Enjoy!

Leo Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Hypocritical people will be playing with your heart: meanwhile, don't let other people intent on having a good time hold you back from enjoying yourself. Tensions will noticeably simplicity towards the end of the month.

Virgo Trouble-makers will try pulling your heart in a direction you don't want it to go! Make your lover work to prove they earn you.

Libra Dignified Saturn is telling you that this is most definitely a time for getting rid of bad things and getting yourself out of bad situations. Expend this month taking a good look at everything that is preventing you from achieving more success in your love-life and give it the heave-ho! This goes especially for dead-end relationships - dump that loser!

Scorpio As it's your birthday this month, many happy returns! The combined effects of the Sun with romantic Venus and communicative Mercury cause much happiness in your relationships and the uncanny ability to say the right thing to achieve your objectives. If you are a late Scorpio, you can expect the power of Mars your ruling planet to involve you in a red hot love-affair. Phew!

Sagittarius The first suggestion of new happiness in love will appear like a delicate flower in spring.

Capricorn Pluto, the planet of unstable transformation means that this month you will experience intense, grand emotions: but if you can ride the tiger it will prove to be a fundamental new beginning in your relationships!

Aquarius Neptune makes you feel dreamy and romantic this month: just be careful of taking things at face value. Don't be afraid of facing new social situations - great success in your love-life can be yours if you rise to the challenges that this month brings.

Pisces Retrograde Jupiter is quoting Shakespeare to you this month: "To thine own self be true, and then thou shalt be false to no man." Avoid phoniness yourself, and beware of it in others. On the plus side however, if you manage to do this you will have a generally enjoyable time.

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