Monday, August 30, 2010

What Is Your Birth Sign?

The birth sign is the place where the sun makes its transport through the Zodiac during the year. The Zodiac is collected of the twelve divisions that the sun passes through during the year and each is has its own name and stage of duration. Astrology by birth sign or sun sign means that your exacting horoscope characteristics are based mainly ahead the place of the sun's astrological place in the zodiac at the time of your birth. . That is why it is sometimes called the sun sign as well as the birth sign. Astrology based upon the sun sign or birth sign is a generalized representation of your private astrological characteristics. While the sun sign characteristic is a powerful defining tool, it does not take into consideration the astrological pressure of the other planets, nor of the ascendant's position.
In order to catch a more detailed and complete astrological profile it is necessary to include the growing and the other planets in the calculation of a person's horoscope. Astrology means to believe not only the sun and its sun sign result, but also, the remaining planets and their group pressure in the astrological horoscope of a person. The astrological position of these planets and their relative to one another, favorable and unfavorable makes up the true astrological profile of a person. Astrology based just on the sun sign or birth sign, gives a partial glimpse of what a complete astrology profile can deliver.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Numerology prediction for the month of August

Born on 1st, 10th, 19th & 28th:
August is governed by number 8, which is non-compatible with number 1. No doubt, the month brings reward and recognition but this is NOT a very good period for all matters related to career, business and finances. You are likely to suffer the outcome of the lethargy shown in the past. You will reap the rewards of what you sowed in the past months. This month will give you the opportunities to peak into the near future because it represents a small scale sample of what next year will bring. The results that will yield during the month will be directly proportionate to the effort you have put out in the past. On the other, you receive exactly what you need to continue on your path. For that reason, you would do well keeping a close eye on your finances, especially to protect yourself from any shortfalls in coming month.

Born on 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th:
Governed by Moon, the Month Number 8 is neutrally compatible with your birth number. The month will bring optimism, increased energy, and excitement. Your are intellectual skills and imaginative approach to life will be helpful in achieving success amidst adversities. You will feel that anything is possible and that the sky is the limit. This is an excellent time to take on new challenges in your career, to start new endeavors, or, if you are in business or sales, to go out and snare the importance of generating new Clients. This month will bring financial gain, but your attention is likely to be more directed towards intellectual accomplishments. Your pride and self-esteem will get a boost too.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's cancer horoscope

Some new financial opportunities should be coming your method at this time. And even though your instincts ought to be pretty good, just make sure that you talk about any opportunities you're encountering with someone you trust. If you're really feeling like doing your own thing today, just be prepared to allowance a bit if you want to keep yourself out of any chaotic disputes.

Don’t be afraid to talk to any interesting or important people who’ll be crossing your path today. And if you just keep in mind to keep your eyes open, you ought to end up coming across some exciting new opportunities.

Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Pisces horoscope

Today might be a good day to take a second shot at something that didn't work out the first time, Pisces. Falling flat on your face can damage your self-esteem and confidence, but such things are part of life, and they really do add character. By going back into the ring, you ensure that you build courage and preseverance.

Feel free to speak more loudly today, Pisces. You'll find that things fall into place more easily if you speak your thoughts outwardly and directly in the presence of others. Bring your internal power under your control instead of becoming a victim of the control games played by others. Your sincere heart is easily manipulated, so be careful that you aren't getting the short end of the stick.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Aquarius Horoscope

Year 2010 Overview

Aquarius often gets pegged as being a little too cerebral for its own good. But the truth is, that's where you do your best work. The next year is going to give you the opportunity to use those sharp mental powers to focus on what it is you really want out of life. Two eclipses fall in your Twelfth House, which will bring out your intuitive side, and give you a chance to see your life from a less-strictly-logical (yet no less valid) perspective. The additional information they give you about your life and your position in it will be your big chance to put things in order.

Saturn is also going to be bringing big changes as to your philosophical approach to life. What fundamental approaches to life have worked for you, and what haven't? You may have never stopped to ask that question, or known the benefits of finding the right answer to it. This year, those answers will come, and your life is likely to be a saner, better-adjusted place for it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Capricorn Horoscope

Your Horoscope for Thursday, August 19th

You are in a mood to relax and enjoy harmonious surroundings. Your family and friends are a source of particular pleasure and satisfaction, and you may wish to treat them or pamper them in some way. Appreciation for your home and a desire to make it more beautiful or comfortable is strong now also.








Power Numbers: 4, 32, 38, 21, 37, 35

Born Today: Marshall Field, Shelley Winters, Rosalynn Carter, Roman Polanski, Roberto Clemente, Robert Redford, Patrick Swayze, Denis Leary, Christian Slater

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Sagittarius horoscope

Horoscope : GENERAL

This year 2010 will enable you to light your road of a new light, which had been lacking to you for two years. The period will be ideal to leave a situation which comprises too many constraints compared to your possibilities, what is in the professional or relational plan. You need personal evolution, which has all the chances to be concretized this year.


You need to create optimism around you, to give a second breath to your everyday life which suddenly, will appear too narrow to you. Reorganizations are at the order of the day, you have the wheel in motion, profit in. On the other hand, some astral influences show the possibility for risks of inopportune racings in changes which you will carry out, you will tend to hustle others in their imposing your organization. Take care of preserving your collaborators’ pride, targeting your projects without imposing your views, negotiating…. To request a promotion, to undertake an approval or study trip will be at the order of the day between April and August. You will have achieved a cycle which was carrying a teaching. It is what will enable you to revalue your position in a constructive way.


Chance will come at the right moment named to facilitate you life on little details likely to facilitate your road towards successes which you discount, in particular with the financial plan. Your imagination will be a great utility for you and will be your best ally to clear you a way through obstacles of everyday life which touches directly with cash, which circulates in the short run. Your optimism protects you from small contrarieties related to lapses of memory in your papers, your invoices. You rectify the bar in your accounts as from May, it is there that you will take best initiatives to rebalance your budget in the good sense investments in real estate, or long-term. Do not hesitate to supplement your information over other sources to stabilize transformations which touch your life with everyday life by taking account of requirements of a new personal situation or family.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope


This year, you begin a new cycle of your life. It is in you that many changes will finally happen in a observable way. You are ready to concretize aspirations you have contemplated in the shade for three years. Your outside vitality is increased during this time, you feel strong impulses to live fully in agreement with your ideals.


This year is ideal to get strong initiatives in your professional life, they will not miss impact. You have strength to overcome your fears to launch a project and all that is relating to creations in the large sense. You confirm yourselves in manner more tooth than usual, you will search for to make developments in your relations, while going at the base of things. On the other hand, you are extremely likely to badly put at ease sure people you will have desire for causing so that they are shown under their true day. Be careful with abuses, do not believe that everyone needs this “shock treatment” to be shown such as he is… You will be tempted to resort to power struggles to mark your presence. Some disappoint you, others will be for you invaluable supports, you do not turn sour in front of these transformations you will have caused…, Take the advantage of the depth of your reasoning before acting to avoid making decisions too quickly, wait for April.


This year starts under passion sign, it will be all or nothing, black or green! You feel life instincts which encourage you to benefit from good, you will have greatest difficulties to be reasonable, for your greater pleasure. As from April, you will fully follow this program, Love will be definitely your war-horse, you will be able to count on your attraction and influence capacities to arrive at living passion aspects of your desires. Profit in to entrust these secrecies which encumber you and to live your dreams… The power of your libido encourages you with excesses terribly tempting. By exceeding you in your intimacy, you will be fully in agreement with yourself. Indeed, you progress towards a better knowledge of yourself which ultimately will facilitate choices to you than you will have to make as from May with your partner or to radically transform your love life. Some couples will have to face storms or questionings which can lead to breaking up even temporary. Agreements of surface will not be sufficient any more in your eyes, you, even if it means will raise questions at the bottom of things which shock. There your sentimental sky is stabilized positively as from August, you start a new cycle in which you can build on better bases.


This year is announced very constructive on the financial plan. Indeed, you will have in heart to merge your position, to add force to your bases, and more particularly to liquidate your liability. You resolutely sort your invoices with good sense, it is the moment to make some sacrifices for a better financial balance. Your initiatives are supported by Jupiter’s energy which throughout the year encourages you to sign positive agreements in the long run, bill books, sensible placements, essential insurances, etc…. You will develop strategies to improve your long-term standard of living, you will have any latitude to devote yourself to what is really essential to you all while removing you from superfluity. The end of the year is favourable if you must make a sale of a good which belongs to you.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Libra Horoscope

Career, Incomes and Gains

The first part or beginning of the year 2010 is not cheering at all. There would be various kinds of hurdles related to work and standing. There would be loss of preferred things. Nothing will come to your way. You would be disturbed due to failure if important task. If you are leading a team to whole a project or you are the head of any group, you will face excessive situations. No body will like to cooperate with you! Thus, there would be odds of not to finish the projects till the target. As a result, loss of reputation will come into picture. Even chances of losing the job would be high. Your seniors, especially, older establishment don’t seem happy with your presentation.

Undoubtedly, the first quarter of the year is going to enhance your tensions. You will sense like a helpless child. Overall, you advised to keep patience and put your best efforts. Don’t indulge in any kind of controversial situations. The idea of change in job will not help you much.

During the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of quarters of year, things will work as per your fulfillment. You will have an opportunity of adjust the job. New job will give high salary package and probable facilities to fulfill your dreams. Chances of change in location may also there. Gains through insurance and mutual funds will raise your financial position.

Love, Family and Social Life

Now most of family issues would be solved. Your relations with siblings and parents would be improving. Even you may also obtain some financial help from your sibling or parents. Especially, your older brother or sister is going to provide much help.

A perfect team strength of mind shall overcome and long standing problems shall be solved to your advantage. Finances shall be in good supply and the future shall look really rosy.

If you are unmarried and eligible, chances of marriage are very bright. Especially, middle of year will prove much helpful.

Try to stay happy and be careful, don’t spoil in unnecessary disputes. You should also try to keep your partner happy or else the ego boosting which the planets are giving you at this moment may spoil your Married Life.

Education and Traveling

During this year you may achieve your remarkable success in exams and other kinds of competitive exams as well as in interviews. Ascendant lord is transiting over the double sign and 9th lord mercury is transiting over the 4th house. Hence, you have various chances of traveling. Probably, these journeys will positive.


Planets are not indicating any major health related problems. Probably, you will enjoy a good health till the 3rd quarter of the year. You are advised to pay much thought on health during the last quarter of the year.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Virgo Horoscope

Career, Incomes and Gains in the year 2010
During the beginning of the year, lagan lord Mercury is retrograde and transiting in 4th house along with Venus, Sun and Rahu. The combination of Mercury and Venus is capable to lead you towards world of success. Now you would be much famous and reputed in the office. If there is vacancy for senior post, don’t hesitate and apply for that, astrologically, you would be appropriate person to get that. This is the time when you should garb all the opportunities which are coming to your way.

Due to transiting influence of Jupiter and Saturn, the 2nd quarter of the year is also going to elevate your standard. Career would be going very smoothly. You will able to tackle all the situations very intelligently. Your way of communication would be much better than ever. Thus, nothing would be hard to do. Additionally, you will get expected support towards your staff to complete your task or projects. All the ventures would be finished until deadline will expired.

The 3rd and 4th phases of the year will produce hard time. Your hard earned money might go from your hands. Due to useless expenditures you would be slightly frustrated.

Love, Family and Social Life
Due to transiting planets, the first and second quarters of this year would be highly fortunate where your personal life is concerned. Married life shall be a source of Joy and domestic happiness is indicated for you. You might receive love and respect from the people you care about. Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. You shall have the support of the people around you.

Possibly, the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year will produce some problems in domestic life. Thus, you need to pay much attention on your personal life. It would be better to solve all the burning issues calmly rather than being short-tempered.

Education and Traveling
Due to influence of planets in this year, you might do well where your study is concerned. Undoubtedly, this is a highly fortunate year for study related matters. You may acquire success as per your satisfaction. There are very high chances of traveling. Probably, you may go for picnic or sacred places.

Health wise this is a not a favorable year at all. You may face minor health problems. Therefore, you should take proper diet and exercise, you need to be careful in this year about your health related issues.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 Leo Horoscope

Leo 2010 Career and Income Horoscope

The first few months of the New Year looks very rosy for Leos especially if they have their own business ventures. Providence has very good things in store for most Leos in their work place environment. Better career options, ensured pay hikes and promotions are some of the benefits that Leos can expect in the first half of the year. Financial position will improve in the middle part of the year while some Leos can even invest in lucrative business ventures to earn decent profits. The Leo 2010 yearly horoscope indicates sound financial position throughout the year. People looking for better jobs may get one while Leos who are looking for a change in the place of work may find their place during the end of the year.
Partnerships and joint ventures may get a fillip in the first quarter of the year. Financial projects and investment ventures will take in the expected lines. There may be one instance of hitch in the month of October when Leos may face inordinate delays in the execution of some projects. Workplace relationship and interaction with superior will be smooth throughout the year. Sales people, managers, self-employed professionals and financial controllers will find the New Year very thrilling and exciting.

Leo 2010 Education and Traveling Horoscope

For students and scholars, the New Year may pose some problems in the first two quarters of the year. The 2010 Leo horoscope indicates academic troubles in the studies as well as research. The long awaited research scholarship may not materialize in the first half of the year. However, the second half of the year looks very promising to most Leo students. Travelling related to higher studies appears remote at least for this year.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 Cancer Horoscope

You may get indulge into unwanted expenditure. Guesswork is not going to help you in any field so it should be avoided. You will find it difficult to retain money as you will have tendency towards spending on luxuries and pleasures. This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities. Your courage and convictions are your strongest qualities, but it might hurt to get a little too inflexible. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to your expectations. You may not get proper support from your friends and associates. There are chances of getting indulge into unnecessary expenses. Overall, it is not a very pleasing period for you. You might feel yourself physically weak and dejected.

This is the time which will show you mixed results. Difficult situations may arise in your path but don’t lose your heart in the adversities as your self-confidence will work in your favor. Dispute with government and senior officials are on the card, so you are advised to be careful. This is not a favorable time for speculation or taking risks. You take care of yourself now and not let yourself be overburdened, and that way you can keep yourself going for long. There might be a few disappointments, but your hard work will get you out of this troubled time and you'll see new zenith in your career soon.

There might be health problems related to eyes, phlegmatic complaints and spleen. Don’t overlook minor health related problems because it may turn into a big one. Some diseases that require special attention are ulcer, rheumatism, vomiting, head an eye troubles, pain in joints or injury due to falling of heavy metallic lump etc. Health can be an issue and you might see diseases like nausea, fever attacks, ear infection and vomiting. Take care of your health and try to refine you image. Health problems might create disturbances in your life. There shoulb be good luck and good stability of the mind which would help live a positive and easy life at home. It is suggested that you should start working out regularly and improve your eathing habits in order to keep ailments at bay.

Love & Relationship
Approach towards love, romance and life in general cannot be said very encouraging in initial few months. You are advised to be very calm and balanced in your approach towards different situations in life. You might create problems for yourself by uttering falsehood, so try to avoid it as much as possible. You may have trouble from opposite sx, so you need to be careful of them. Those very personal relations that you worked on, might not work out well, and cause disturbance in your household and office. Sensual thoughts not only depress you but may even cause you some uneasiness in this period. Harmonious relationship with the opposite sex may get disturbed during first quarter of the year. But after it, you'll sail smooth and won't face any problem. It's going to be a good time as far as love life is concerned. Good level of gains could come from spouse.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Gemini Horoscope

Gemini 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Like most of the other signs, even Gemini is more likely to start with unexpected problems. Gemini year 2010 horoscope foretells some problems in the field of work and at workplace. A question arises about the stability of present income and career promotion may arise during the first quarter of the year. It is also possible that some of your office people will overtake you in some sensitive career related moves. It is almost difficult to expect career promotion and pay hike during this part of the year. It is also possible that you will never be able to reach that desired goalpost.

However, changes will be on the air in the rest of the year especially in the last phase of the New Year. The period of March to June will provide that stepping stone to reach career success in later parts of the year. The second part of the year will be extremely productive and satisfactory. Planetary position indicates career promotion and generation of sufficient income. Social life in the office is very satisfactory in the second phase of the New Year. However, Gemini 2010 horoscope indicates a minor period of lull sometimes during the months of October and November. Overall, the New Year is a very good and productive year for people born under this sign.

Gemini 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
The 2010 yearly Gemini horoscope indicates some sort of marital and relationship problems. The first quarter of the year may pose a stiff challenge in the way people handle their problems related to marriage and family. Loose talk with the spouse may lead to problems like severe strains in the relationship. However, the second half of the year may provide opportunity for Gemini people to mend fences with their loved ones. The relationship with kids will be on an even keel. Mending and repairing existing relationship should be the top most priority for Gemini people. People who are looking to marry their sweet hearts will get a chance to tie knots in the fag end of the year.

Gemini 2010 Education and Traveling Horoscope
The 2010 Yearly Gemini horoscope for students, scholars and researchers indicate a mixed bag of predictions. However, they will need to put in lot of hard work to achieve desired success levels. Fickle mindedness and lack of concentration may lead to failures. However, Gemini students can perform better when they are under immense stress. Boosting confidence level may help these people to achieve what they want to, especially in the fag end of the year. Travelling is in the air for some Gemini people, especially in the areas of studies like foreign affairs and international relations.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Taurus Horoscope

This year 2010 is announced favorable, particularly to the continuation of plans you have already followed for three years. So, polish your strategies, pose the last stakes. You feel more the need for cooperating with your environment : you should follow your instinct which sticks to concrete realities.


You will have excellent opportunities to join again with those you abused of last year. To apply for a loan, a service, to agree to collaborate more closely with your colleagues to stabilize your situation is particularly recommended and facilitated. You will arrive with more ease composing with others all while affirming you for what you truly are. You owe bet on your sense of realities to complete your team with your best assets. Your professional entourage doesn’t miss fertile ideas, you will have to apply them, to prepare their implementation for next year. You will have facilities to consolidate your position, by devoting yourself to basic work in the broad sense. Lean on the practical details, and to put all the chances on your side, it would be great to buckle the files in progress, to attack 2011 on your new projects.


our emotional sky dyes passion and reflexion. This clashing mixture will have surprising effects which push you to sensual excesses followed by studying periods, intense questionings. By going to the end of your impulsions, you will learn some more about yourself and your true aspirations, which will enable you to deeply modify the bases of your relation. Don’t be surprised if you discover new desires! The doubts which appear are carrying positive changes as of February, you don’t let discourage from nor making feel guilty by those, you need to go at the bottom of things before drawing true conclusions. Your inspiration pushes you to make assessments which are rich lessons and will make you avoid error of judgments thereafter. You are on a constructive way if you admit the idea, in your interest that you must change things of your own initiative. Meetings which you will make will appear positive if you go more quickly than the music… Let work time in all confidence. It is as from April that you will see clearly where you go, the road becomes better and facilitates your sentimental blooming. That you decided to change the bases of your couple or that you are alone, you progress towards very positive satisfactions in the long run. It is change in disorder, and a better knowledge of yourself which will clear up your love life.


This year will give you the opportunity to liquidate debts or to pay old invoices. There are financial questions to solve once for all, a great assessment will prove to be impossible to circumvent, which will enable you to set out again on healthier bases as from July. You will act as well as possible on your financial interests, you will need to keep yourself alone to make wise decisions and to re-examine differently your budget. Stress is laid on liquidating debts or preparing essential expenditure for next year which will be related to the embellishment of your home. You will have to make financial decisions which directly touch your emotional life. The most important will be to take time to ensure yourself that your decisions are positive for everyone. It is in May that financial facilities are announced.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Aries Horoscope

Free 2010 Aries Forecast :
Aries will have a good ability to communicate in words & writing very well. Aries are likely to have very quick reactions. It will be very witty and have varied interests.

Free Horoscope 2010 for Aries :
During this period Aries will have a positive attitude towards life and will be over confident. Aries will continue to wield power and authority either in government or publiclife. Short distance journeys are indicated which will bearfruits due to Aries hard work. Aries will spend freely onsocial and charitable institutions. Aries may suffer from ill health and there may be sickness in the family.
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