Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Libra Horoscope

Career, Incomes and Gains

The first part or beginning of the year 2010 is not cheering at all. There would be various kinds of hurdles related to work and standing. There would be loss of preferred things. Nothing will come to your way. You would be disturbed due to failure if important task. If you are leading a team to whole a project or you are the head of any group, you will face excessive situations. No body will like to cooperate with you! Thus, there would be odds of not to finish the projects till the target. As a result, loss of reputation will come into picture. Even chances of losing the job would be high. Your seniors, especially, older establishment don’t seem happy with your presentation.

Undoubtedly, the first quarter of the year is going to enhance your tensions. You will sense like a helpless child. Overall, you advised to keep patience and put your best efforts. Don’t indulge in any kind of controversial situations. The idea of change in job will not help you much.

During the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of quarters of year, things will work as per your fulfillment. You will have an opportunity of adjust the job. New job will give high salary package and probable facilities to fulfill your dreams. Chances of change in location may also there. Gains through insurance and mutual funds will raise your financial position.

Love, Family and Social Life

Now most of family issues would be solved. Your relations with siblings and parents would be improving. Even you may also obtain some financial help from your sibling or parents. Especially, your older brother or sister is going to provide much help.

A perfect team strength of mind shall overcome and long standing problems shall be solved to your advantage. Finances shall be in good supply and the future shall look really rosy.

If you are unmarried and eligible, chances of marriage are very bright. Especially, middle of year will prove much helpful.

Try to stay happy and be careful, don’t spoil in unnecessary disputes. You should also try to keep your partner happy or else the ego boosting which the planets are giving you at this moment may spoil your Married Life.

Education and Traveling

During this year you may achieve your remarkable success in exams and other kinds of competitive exams as well as in interviews. Ascendant lord is transiting over the double sign and 9th lord mercury is transiting over the 4th house. Hence, you have various chances of traveling. Probably, these journeys will positive.


Planets are not indicating any major health related problems. Probably, you will enjoy a good health till the 3rd quarter of the year. You are advised to pay much thought on health during the last quarter of the year.

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