Monday, August 30, 2010

What Is Your Birth Sign?

The birth sign is the place where the sun makes its transport through the Zodiac during the year. The Zodiac is collected of the twelve divisions that the sun passes through during the year and each is has its own name and stage of duration. Astrology by birth sign or sun sign means that your exacting horoscope characteristics are based mainly ahead the place of the sun's astrological place in the zodiac at the time of your birth. . That is why it is sometimes called the sun sign as well as the birth sign. Astrology based upon the sun sign or birth sign is a generalized representation of your private astrological characteristics. While the sun sign characteristic is a powerful defining tool, it does not take into consideration the astrological pressure of the other planets, nor of the ascendant's position.
In order to catch a more detailed and complete astrological profile it is necessary to include the growing and the other planets in the calculation of a person's horoscope. Astrology means to believe not only the sun and its sun sign result, but also, the remaining planets and their group pressure in the astrological horoscope of a person. The astrological position of these planets and their relative to one another, favorable and unfavorable makes up the true astrological profile of a person. Astrology based just on the sun sign or birth sign, gives a partial glimpse of what a complete astrology profile can deliver.