Wednesday, December 8, 2010

weekly horoscope for leo

Okay, you showstopper, it’s time to wind down to the last act. You’ve had a good run of being the center of attention with Mars in your dramatic fifth house for the past six weeks. On Wednesday, the go-getter planet moves on to Capricorn, giving you the sign to take a rest. Heed your body’s need for innovation—you don’t want to be hospitalized for collapse like Mariah Carey, do you? Now, Mars is urging you to simplify, organize, and prioritize efficiency. Have your holiday plans become a bit too over-the-top? If you feel like a professional event planner on overdrive, it’s time to start delegating responsibility to other family members and friends involved in the plan. Let Cousin Maggie handle the giant swan-shaped ice statuette centerpiece…or better yet, scrap that idea and scale back. The best things in life are the ones that are free, like heartwarming conversations with the ones you love. Since this Mars phase can exaggerate your stress on a physical level, you definitely need to let go for the sake of your own well-being. Funnel some of your energy into a household cleanup project. You have more to donate to that holiday clothing drive than you may realize. Lightening up the energy in your personal space lifts a giant weight off your psyche. On Friday, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, never a good time for buying computer equipment.

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