Friday, July 9, 2010

Astrology For Today Born Baby (July 11)

Hi Baby,

Your Baby's ascendant (Lagna) sign is Pisces. Like their element group water, babies have a very string tendency to be carried away in emotions. Sensitive, subtle, caring and very very loving, that?s what your Piscean baby would be like. It would take time for you to grow up with your sensitive and emotional Pisces kid. You may often have to give and a lot of cuddle and reliable emotional availability to your baby. In the beginning you may find the child to be covertly self engaging because of some traces of the past life that the child may be going through internally. As a parent of a Piscean baby it would help you to have a regular feeding and sleeping schedules for you bundle of joy. Sooth your child, be with him/her and watch their actions, as you may find that spark in their eye that tells you how much is s/he happy to have you around. As the Piscean child crawls his way into your life, you may start noticing his most loved weapon of expression - Tears. Emotional as we said the Piscean kids are, they you?re your support and love to be more strong in handling situations and ways of life. You may have to give in a lot of time and level of effort to bring this child to a level of being self containing and fight his emotional over sensitivity. Depth of oceans and calm of the heavens that?s what a mysterious Piscean kid would appear you to be. Compassionate and spiritual inclinations are two very strong characteristics of a Piscean child. They have a natural cognitive ability to tap this potential and they may incline towards music or poetry. As parents you would be blown away with the sense of beauty and grace, which your young baby exhibits. They open up a whole new world of understanding, developing and dealing with emotions. Watch out your kid for his/her expressions, at times their eyes would speak a lot or a smile may convey their biggest triumph. They tend to speak less and use emotions more in their communication. Develop the same art to talk to your kid. Be careful, so as to help the child fight his emotional susceptibility, make them be soft yet strong. You will have to be careful to see that your Piscean baby doesn?t grow up into a self drawn emotional sissy who is too placid to face the canny world! Overall, a perfect child, who would just be too gentle and quiet to be admired and cuddled over.

Other Important Information

Baby's Basic Element :- WATER

Your Baby's Moon sign is Taurus.The zodiac sign in which the moon was located at the time of your birth is known as Moon sign. Vedic astrology places special emphasis on the Moon sign. As Moon represents one's own mind, a lot can be deduced from this sign. Click on your moon sign above to see free predictions based on this sign.

Your Baby's Birth Star is Mrigashira.The star constellation in which the moon was located at the time of your birth is known as your birth star. Vedic astrology places special emphasis on the birth star (aka Nakshatra). Click on your birth star above to see free predictions based on this star.

Your Baby is currently running Mars Dasha and Saturn Antardasha . The planets give their results when either their Dasha or Antardasha operates.

Free Vedic Chart.The chart representing position of various planets in the zodiac signs and houses at the time of your birth is known as your horoscope chart. Vedic astrology is all about interpreting this chart to reveal its hidden secrets. Following is your free vedic horoscope chart in south Indian style.

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