Monday, December 6, 2010

Today Horoscope

Aries : You will soon be able to afford something you've wanted, but you have to change your thinking, acting as though you already have it.

Taurus : Doing nothing is a big risk. Not only could you lose out on a good opportunity, but you could be passed over for future opportunities.

Gemini : You'll get your wish after you command it in just the way that pleases the dispenser of wishes. Keep asking and you'll find out who that is.

Cancer : When you pour your creative energy into a project, you infuse it with magic strength. Your attention has power.

Leo : A strain on a relationship will go away. There is nothing to discuss — just move on in love. Fill yourself with fun, humor and good will.

Virgo : Money isn't everything. Stay focused on doing what feels right, and the funding comes when you need it.

Libra : Things are happening in your career realm. Continue to put your feelers out there, and you will find just the opportunity you need.

Scorpio : Your understanding about what it will take to get a project started is limited, but this will work in your favor. What you don't know about, you can't worry about.

Sagittarius : Instead of paying someone to make you be seen in a good light, work on feeling better about who you are and what you can offer.

Capricorn : Someone you love needs a gentle reminder. If you let yourself get angry, you could diminish what you have with this person.

Aquarius : You are savvy and strong. You will find a shortcut to getting your work out into the world, or you'll find a way to get around a cost.

Pisces : There are still those who confuse fake news with real news and who have a hard time determining reality from a ruse or a joke. You'll help these people out.

Today's birthday : You accept yourself to a greater degree and it makes it easier to change what you want to change about yourself. In the new year, you train for better health and fitness. Finances improve in December, March. There's a personal breakthrough in June. Taurus, Gemini people adore you. Your lucky numbers: 40, 2, 11, 49 and 18.

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