Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love compatibility between virgo guy saggitarius lady

Your personality tends to be service-oriented with an intense alertness of your duties and responsibilities. You are strict in the way you deal with the dull tasks of everyday life and are a huge asset at work and at home.

The Sagittarius nature is dynamically different than yours, for they tend to be more broad-minded with sweeping goals and ambitions. Your Sagittarius partner is humorous, enthusiastic and good-natured. He or she tries to make the best out of every situation. Under force, you focus on the little things as the Archer aims the arrow of consciousness into the grand outer world. Your tendency may be to pull in to protect yourself in response to your mate's plans to travel or conquer the world. But if you can get past basic differences, the two of you can work effectively as a team, organizing the details of life with an open-minded awareness.

Your chances for long-term compatibility are improved if the Moon in your chart is in a fire sign or air sign.

If you can harmonize your wonderful potentials, the two of you should be able to enjoy the pursuit of shared social and intellectual activities with great interest and success.