Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moon in Taurus

Moon in TAURUS

Wealth doesn´t only mean money and possessions, but also inner values. If you can bring these aspects into harmony, you will be able to move a lot and achieve good results.

Home and family are in the foreground. Beautify your apartment or house together and don´t forget the loving, tender attention for each other. The nurturing of your body should create precious moments. Uninhibited learning and teaching stand under a lucky star right now.

If you are clear about your needs, then erotic and sensuality will be a source of strength for you these days. Jealousy and the fear of loss will just come up, if you expect too much from each other.

Connect all the qualities of life. Work and leisure as well as enjoyment, the daily routines and the curiosity for new things. Then all your senses will unfold and you experience happy days.
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