Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Speeding in the direction of 2012--A Year of evolution (2011) will be a year of continued change with as we start with much of the world in disorder. 2011 is the final evolution as we speed toward the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus (January 1-22) has coincided with major flooding in the world each time the two planets have joined together during the past year. Whatever Jupiter touches it expands, and Pisces rules water. Australia is bearing the force of this transit as this post is written as floodwater reach historic proportions the first week of January. In Arkansas thousands of birds have dropped from the sky, and dead fish are washing onto land, with the cause unknown at this time. Other areas around the world are at risk of escalated weather conditions as well, as the power of the January 4 eclipse in Capricorn continues to play out. With an eclipse in Capricorn, Planet Earth will speak to us one way or another. Eclipse energy begins long before the eclipse occurs and has crash long after the eclipse is over.

This is the last meet up of Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. This energy can increase creativity, sensitivity, spiritual awareness and all things relating to Pisces. Pisces rules religion, spirituality cinema, psychics, dreams, visions, movies, drugs, drug dealers, prostitutes, drug cartels, gambling, alcohol, sexual addictions, preachers, the ‘seamy side of life,’ crack, priests, delusion, illusion, lies, cheats and confusion to name just a few. It does no speculate it is the most misunderstood sign of all. Pisces has many depths and angles. It’s just a matter of which side of it you choose to tap into.

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