Thursday, January 6, 2011

Predicting the sports landscape in the coming year read where the Amazing Kreskin did his calculations for 2011, forecasting that the War on Terror will end in 150 years, which technically makes it a forecast for 2161. Not bad, but the date, time and location the last card-carrying USA-hater lays down his bludgeon would really impress me.

Trying to unravel the mysteries of the upcoming year in sports?

Now that's something only a fool would attempt. Which is where I come in?

In the area of divine, I consider myself closer to Paul the Octopus, who was uncanny at picking World Cup games last summer, than Nostradamus, although foreseeing plagues and civil unrest never goes out of style.

What I can tell you is that the biggest story of the past 12 months will not vary in the coming year.

Tiger Woods' failure will continue through a second season, putting the PGA Tour's financial health in serious threat with negotiations set to begin on their television contracts, which expire after the 2012 season. The faltering ratings and decrease in sponsor dollars will result in reductions in purse money and tournaments in the future.
On a positive note, Spike and Oprah's new network will appear as the prime players in the clash for the broadcast rights late in the year.

And in an effort to revive interest in his brand, Woods will begin production on his own reality series called "Tiger Tail," with female contestants enduring a series of challenges in an effort to.
Sorry, that's where the crystal ball gets a little foggy which is probably for the best.

The National Football League faces its own financial challenges, with a summer lockout looming as the collective bargaining conformity expires in March. With both the owners and Players Association dug in for a long fight, it appears there won't be pro football come September.

But in a stunning act of common sense, both sides agree to a nationwide search to find a passionate, level-headed fan to sit in on the negotiations and serve as the voice for the very people who made them so rich. Given binding mediator status on issues in this petulant little spat between millionaires and billionaires, the fan ultimately saves the season.

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