Thursday, February 24, 2011

Horoscope History

Horoscope HistoryAstrology is one of the ancient philosophies which still live in the world today. Many think that it was found approximately 3000 years back; however some current studies assumes that it may have been in existence even before that. Horoscopes are interwoven with Astrology.

Horoscopes in the earliest past and even today is used to predict immediate future events as well as long term future prediction and concerns of countries and its wars' economic trends and even personal well being.

In countries where astrology was mainly used as the source of decision making' people used the signs of the stars to determine farming and harvesting and other day to day living activities. It is thought that horoscope and astrology began from the antique Greeks.

‘Astrology' is a Greek terms which means ‘Science of the Stars'. They believed that the location of the sun and the planets that orbit around it affected earth and its living creatures. Thus' the future happenings of humans can be predicted based on the planets positioning. Plato' somewhere in the 500BC was interested in Astrology and had studies the subject matter. This has kept the interest going and later Egypt' around in 300 BC flourished the subject when they showed a keen notice in it.

However' in later years' astrology subsided with the introduction to the Catholic Church' which did not have a conviction in this science at the time. It was afterward an astrologer' William Lilly who introduced astrology in 1600's as the ‘Christian Astrology' which became more accepted and widely used since then.

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