Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sexual compatibility. The basics

I've decided to start at the hottest point of the astrology where all of us are interested and what makes the world go round. Zodiac mystery in sexual relationship is expressed in quite intriguing way.

So let's go on. Probably all of us know Sun Sign we are born under. I'm a Sagittarius, you can be Leo or Pisces and basically we know what to expect from the particular signs and what traits and potential every Sun Sign of Zodiac possess. But we all know that some people get along well with us and some don't. In fact Astrology has to tell its rules regarding sexual compatibility of the Signs. But the first thing I have to tell is that what I've learned and what the practice shows these rules are not predetermined or strict as if you go deeper into the insight of the Zodiac interrelations you will find a lot pros and contras.

Nowadays most astrologists don't speak about compatibility or incompatibility, but rather more or less "smooth" relationships and more or less "challenging" ones. That means that you are the one to decide what is better for you: to some people "tension that borders on a buzz" is more appealing than "cuddling with each other'. It's all up to you to find the right one.

1. The Sun signs of both partners tell a lot about how you will get along with each other, but again it's not the ultimate word for saying about the durability or the reason each of you experienced "sparks in the air". You will have to look at other aspects in a natal horoscope and the overall horoscopes compatibility.

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