Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today's Love Horoscope
Things may come to a head between you and your loved one, especially with the interplay of today's celestial energies. It is possible that you have needed to talk to each other for some time, but have not been able to fit this in with all the pressure and responsibility you have had to cope with. You are grounded enough to be able to make your point without flying off the handle.

The current aspect indicates that this may not be the best of days to have that discussion with your loved one. It may help if you could instead do something exciting together that would help divert some of your energy. This may get you out of the house and also out of yourselves. Take some risks together, and above all have some fun. You can talk another day.

This may not, theoretically, be the best of days to go out on that date. However, with the current aspect at play, you could nevertheless find you have quite an intriguing time. The person in question may not be anything like you imagined they would be, and yet you will find them fascinating, and will certainly want to know more about them. Give life and love a chance!

The alignment of the planets may make you feel irritable and out of sorts, so this is not really the best time for love and romance. It may be better to get involved in things that absorb your interest and also encourage you to use up some of your energy. Meeting others at this time may mean you strike up a positive friendship, which could develop over the next weeks.

You may be tempted to give voice to some of your irritations about your current relationship. The planetary alignment indicates that these could come to the surface today, triggered by some minor incident that may cause you to see red. If you can count to ten, calm down, and talk your problems through more reasonably, you will have a much better chance of solving them.

Today's astral configuration indicates that you may find a certain problem or barrier seems to stop you from getting to know much better someone you deeply care for. It is not advisable to try, by whatever means, to make this hurdle vanish. It may be more prudent to ask yourself what your motives might be for wanting to get more involved in the first place.

You may not feel like being the life and soul of the party, with today's astral energy. You would probably prefer to hide away and sip tea and eat chocolate. However, if you do manage to go out this evening, you may surprise yourself with the amount of energy you actually do have. You have more on the ball than you thought, and someone may be very impressed.

The current astral configuration indicates that you and your partner may find yourselves at odds due to both having very different ideas concerning a current project. There may be no immediate way to come to a compromise, as you will both be determined to have your own way. The best you can do is to give each other some space, and discuss the matter at a later date.

Love and romance may appear to be non-existent, especially with today's celestial energy. If you can't help feeling irritable with your loved one, then it could be because it is time for you to reflect on what you really do want out of the relationship. This will help you to focus on why you feel unsettled, and give you that much needed sense of perspective.

Today's alignment of the planets may mean that you find it hard to stay centered and balanced whilst discussing a certain issue with your loved one. Somehow you can't help feeling as though they are getting the better deal, while you are the one continuously doing all the giving. It would help you both if you could give each other some time to carefully think things through.

A lot hangs in the balance, with today's planetary alignment, which means you may need to be more careful about the way you express your feelings. It is possible that due to a mounting tide of irritation you could see red, and decide to air all of your grievances in one go. However, you would be better advised to wait until you feel calmer inside - then do some talking.

The current astral configuration could indicate it is time for you to have a taste of freedom. You and your loved one may both need to get out and do your own thing, and enjoy the sense of getting in touch with your own needs and desires. This will mean that when you see each other again, you will feel refreshed and joyful to be in each other's company.

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