Friday, July 30, 2010

Know how to attract different zodiac sign people

You'll have to dip into the bold and strong aspects of your personality to really interest an Aries. If your approach is timid or half-hearted you can expect to be brushed off in typical Aries style. Make sure you’re smart enough to connect with them on an intellectual level if you really want to impress them. They can also be dominating at times and dislike being dominated, so don’t be too pushy if you really want to enjoy their company.

Taureans love to be entertained; so something like a popular movie would be a great conversation starter. They love attention so don’t let yourself get distracted when you’re in their company and pamper them a bit to bring out their best side. They love jokes, so a few good ones up your sleeve would do you great. Put aside some quality time for them and enjoy them to their fullest.

You'd better be smart enough to talk about a variety of subjects if you want to catch a Gemini’s attention. Some gossip and a few jokes will definitely turn their head your way. Boredom is something they avoid with a passion so make sure you keep things bubbly.

You’d better not compliment a Cancerian just for the heck of it, they can detect half-heartedness in a flash. Be polite and courteous when you are conversing with them. Being romantic and artistic they will fall hopelessly for such events or arrangements. You’d better be patient too, if a Cancerian is in your mind.

Leos love to be flattered, so a few here and there will make them beam for sure. They are extremely social people who love to be in the company of others so you’d better have your people skills sharpened when you meet them because chances are you’ll end up meeting a lot of new people in their company. Give them your complete attention too at all times.

Virgo’s love positivity so make sure you keep your conversation full of it. Being intellectual and logical they love to debate and dissect topics into their minutest detail so you’d better be a keen observer of your world too, if you really want to keep up with them. Enlist all the topics for a romantic conversation beforehand while dating a Virgo.

Libras are easily pleased, having very low expectations most of the time about outcomes. They love to explore new topics and subjects. So try and develop a good understanding of a few topics you think they’ll find new to get them buzzing. They hate arguments, but love conversations so make sure you remember to keep things smooth.

Scorpios love the element water and anything to do with it, so do some reading up on something that you think will take them by surprise. They are attracted to successful people so you’d better not look like a slacker when you’re around them. Earn their respect by showing off your abilities.

Sagittarians love nature and animals and most of all the freedom of just being themselves. An outdoor hangout with plenty of green around, giving them an opportunity of spitting their inner self out freely would be a great way to make them feel comfortable. They religiously follow current events and news so make sure your general knowledge is a match for theirs.

Capricorns love intellectual conversations and hate noise. So make sure that if you do decide to meet up, it’s nice and peaceful, preferably as insulated from the city sounds as possible. If you’re rich you’re in luck. Spending flamboyantly in front of them always makes them impressed.

Aquarians are attracted to anything strange and unique; finding normal, mainstream thoughts and ideas boring. They are passionate about the sciences and find great pleasure in having their imagination stirred. So when you’re talking to one try and be as creative as possible with the ideas you express.

They love all things supernatural or spiritual. So picking a conversation starter along these lines is sure to capture their imagination. Don’t ever appear weak in front of them, they only respect strong individuals. They love support and are free with their praise when they’re impressed by some action. So dip into those qualities if you want luck with one.
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