Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today May 14 Horoscope for all Astrology Signs!

Aries: You are going to make full use of your silver-tongued sleekness today! Your power of expression will be appreciated, especially by the opposite sex, and you will thoroughly enjoy the attention. Ganesha advises a little meditation to help balance your inner and outer worlds.

Aquarius: You have been bitten by the explorer's bug. Today, you could be pouring over an encyclopedia, a National Geographic magazine, or even tour your town, discovering little eateries and joints hitherto unknown. Ganesha says that if you include friends, it will be so much more fun!

Capricorn: Where there is a will there is a way. True, but even if it's an action driven by a strong will, a dying man cannot wage a war. You will have to be extra careful about your health today, says Ganesha. This besides, you are likely to strike a profitable deal with your clients, which may turn out to be a big achievement for your company. This will also be the right time to indulge in entertaining pursuits.

Leo: There are many milestones that one covers during the course of one's life, but it is usually the moment of love that one always remembers fondly, says Ganesha. It is quite likely that today will be one such memorable day that ushers in a turning point in your love life. Chances are that you will be busy with arranging a get-together with friends and relatives. After all, what is joy unless you have shared it with the people in your life.

Pisces: You will implement abstract ideas into practice with the all the finesse of a feverish modern-day artist today. The evening will find you satisfied with and unquestioning about your place in the universe; you will also acknowledge God for the small mercies he gifts you on an everyday basis, says Ganesha.

Scorpio: Take the lonely road today in business ventures, advises Ganesha. Professionally, you are capable of managing massive missions. Be set to administer your department all by yourself. You shall stake a claim as a great team leader today, says Ganesha.

Virgo: Mission: Finding an exciting relationship. Status: Accomplished. And so Ganesha smiles. At office, outshine others with both words and actions. Bewitch people with your arsenal of sweet nothings and charm your way to win their hearts in the evening, says Ganesha.

Cancer: Enough of waiting on the sidelines, watching others take credit for all your hard work. Today, you will stake your claim to what is rightfully yours, the due credit for your work. Surprisingly for you, your peers and superiors will not only appreciate your work without any fuss, but also share with you the big plans they have in store for you.

Gemini: Today, you will meet someone special, who will stay in your life for good, predicts Ganesha. Your kind and considerate nature will be at its magnanimous best in the afternoon. At the workplace, you will have a fabulous time if you are into marketing and advertising.

Libra: You are at your best when communicating with others, and your silver-tongued speech will charm many. Your day will be spent in negotiating, meetings, and in interacting with people to get things done. At work, you may be put in charge of some investigative task. Towards the evening, people around you will find you incredibly charming and irresistible.

Sagittarius: Belligerent – this word describes your state today. Good news, long since awaited, will come by at the workplace. Imagination is set to fly sky-high as you while the evening away in the pleasant company of someone from the opposite sex.

Taurus: Today may be the beginning of an exciting relationship, predicts Ganesha. You will feel oneness with words and actions, communicating with your colleagues with ease. The spot light at whichever party you go to will be following you as you will storm the place with your enthusiasm and charisma.


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